End User Support

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How are the people working for you making use of the technology in their hands. Who do they call?
OK everything it down! Why? Who do you call?
Keeping control of your investment requires planning and maintenance
New technology both help us success where we could not before. But it can be intimidating with out a plan
Hosting, DNS, Design, Marketing and Social Media
We are a Microsoft Partner
We are a Dell Partner

Are we your Partner?


We have been certified on HP, Toshiba, ACER, Fujistu, IBM , and Lenovo equipment as well as others for over 15 years. We are comfortable with MAC and Android support as well.

We are comfortable with MAC and Android support as well. We will even assist on Linux if you need it done.

Software Support

Our Staff have been SME (Subject Matter Experts) for both Microsoft and CompTIA as well as certified trainers. I.e. We taught other good technical support people how to do their jobs. We have experience in nearly all software support from AutoCAD to ZOOM (old modem control program). We do actively support most accounting software, databases (Support only not design and creation), graphic design, and remote access software 

Network Services 

Yes we can get you "Scan to Email" or "Scan to Folder" working. We can get you Smartphone getting your email or TXT from your Desktop to your employees on the road.

Other Equipment

We have and will supported other Equipment  including:

  • Printers (HP Certified),
  • Copier,
  • MFP,
  • (NAS) Network Attached Storage Scanner,
  • POS (Point of Sale),
  • PLC (Program Logic Controllers),
  • Telephony,
  • Security systems

Heck if you want we can still program you VCR too. Experience helps