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How are the people working for you making use of the technology in their hands. Who do they call?
OK everything it down! Why? Who do you call?
Keeping control of your investment requires planning and maintenance
New technology both help us success where we could not before. But it can be intimidating with out a plan
Hosting, DNS, Design, Marketing and Social Media
What is the Plan?
We create those too. Balancing your money versus the results you want

A problem with technology is the fear of it going wrong, making life harder, or just drastically changing what you already done. Relearning what you already know, but have to redo another way is as painful as starting from scratch

A plan in place, with key pieces of data stored can make this less fearsome and more every day.

Your Access Plan

You have invested a lot on money for the technology you own. Why does someone else have the keys to it!

Do you know you own passwords (or know where they are) so you own and control your resources as you deem fit.

DO you have a Plan you can follow and still have the data you need?

Have someone experienced: document your network, your locations, and your core business functions. In this plan: have your contact numbers and warranty term of product. If this plan is done properly and completely you are not locked in to any one technical support company. The more details in here the less time it takes to correct a problem when it does appear.

Your Plan B

Technology is great help when it is working. Ok What is your plan when it ain’t working. Marketing and technology will ask balance your ROI (return on investment) or COO (Cost of Ownership). More simply, think on : What is your threshold of pain your bank account and sanity will take. How long can you watch 10 employees twiddle their thumbs because they cannot reach the internet for some reason the new tech cannot figure out? Or the new reception opens a new email and the entire network and all data get inflected with a virus… Can you recreate any or all the data from scratch? How many years work was that?